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What is Light?

Light is the metaverse economy.

Light aims to onboarding the next billion people to web3, through providing a mechanism to earn income through social activities. We aim to replace current social networks that are over-relient on advertisement and exploitation of personal data. Our mission is to create a world in which everyone can earn a sustainable income online, through web3 social.

The problem

We aim to reward the rest of 99.9% of the people - the non-influencers. Currently, most of the casual viewers cannot earn income online, since traditional social networks heavily are biased towards people who have a large following. Light is going to liberate the rest of the world to gain upside.

How do Light's products work?

Light has 3 main products including:

  • Attention Economy
  • Super Activities
  • Team Battles

Attention Economy

What is Attention Protocol on Light?

Attention Protocol is the main incentive for users to come back to Light. Light airdrops tokens based on attention gathered through each block, directly to users that have contributed most to gathering attention.

Super Activity

What is Super Activity on Light?

Super Activity is a fundamental nature of Light. Unlike traditional social networks where each activity on the internet is a mere "consumption" of personal data, we aim for them to become assets for users. We will integrate with Lens Protocol and make it possible for the following to become on-chain assets on the blockchain.

Team Battle

What is Team Battle on Light?

Team Battle is a game for teams on Light. Teams will compete against each other; the three teams with the highest super follow count will share a 100,000 $LIGHT bonus pool. We aim to become the incentive pool for supporting other creators on the platform.

Other deflationary mechanics

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